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About ETL

What is ETL? is initiative to make learning easy and stressfree by providing the world with a knowledge and skills acquiring method fomulated by extensive research in the field of learning and education.

  • The objective was to pool relevant knowledge readily available in tree structure index with search capability to enable students to access knowledge/learning material as per their needs and avoid wasting time in searching it at multiple locations. That created concept of SMART LEARNING where videos, power point presentations, text and articles are collated at one point on any topic or keyword. Our teachers continue to write new material as well as search existing good material on web and establish links for your convenience.

  • The second concept is of SELF ASSESSOR. This helps a student to know what is not known to the student in a topic. SELF ASSESSOR IS NOT A TESTING SYSTEM. It helps to identify gap in your knowledge. Suppose you do know answer to a question, pause the assessment and search the answer to that question from SMART LEARNING, books, internet, friends or teacher. This is the fastest and sure method of long-lasting learning. SELF ASSESSOR will invoke SMART LEARNING to help you find the answer. You must find the answer yourself.

  • The third concept is of EXAM SIMULATOR. Once you are confident on a topic or subject, you can now test yourself using TOPIC/EXAM SIMULATOR. Now the test will be simulated in exam pattern with similar type of questions, similar level of difficulty of questions and similar time to complete the questions and with similar marks. No help at this stage. This helps you to benchmark yourself.


About Us

We, here at ETL, are a team of dedicated individuals working towards a common goal of making learning fun and addictive. We believe that learning should never become a burden but rather a delight that one would want to experience over and over again. Our objective is to create a world of highly learned and educated individuals who contribute immensely towards the growth of society.


Our services are based on the foundation of extensive research done in the field of learning and education to come up with a precise method for implementing accelerated and intuitive learning.

Smart Learning

SMART LEARNING has videos, study materials, notes and other help keyword wise and topic wise from large pool of knowledge.

Self Assessor

SELF ASSESSOR is not a TEST. Self assessor helps you to assess yourself on any keyword, topic, or subject by creating your own assessments from large pool of knowledge.

Exam Simulator

EXAM SIMULATOR simulates test in exam pattern with similar type of questions, similar difficulty level of questions and similar time to complete the questions resulting in similar marks as the actual exam.



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Smart Learning and Self Assessor are free of charge and can be accessed simply by signing up.
    Exam Simulator is a paid service. In order to use Exam Simulator, kindly contact us.

  • ETL services are curated for students from 9th to 12th grades who wish to prepare for college/university entrance exams, study for the school curriculum or are curious to learn in general.

  • Self Assessor has facility to simulate your own tests instantaneously for self assessment from vast number of subject, topics and keywords with flexibility to choose number of questions, type of questions, level of questions, allocate time and marks. Results of tests are instantaneous detailing given answers and correct answers.

    This is of great help in your regular studies. Simulate a self assessment on topic learnt today, understand what is known to you and what remains to be known. Remember some third party can only tell you about unknown. That's where Self Assessor gains importance. For unknown refer to books, use Smart Learning by pressing the help button to pause the test, do google search, consult peers or take help of teachers to bridge the gap.

    Complete this exercise preferably same day as new topic will be waiting to be mastered next day.

    Self assessor not only assesses your learning but also adds lot to your knowledge from its own knowledge pool during assessment. That's why ETL is assessment of learning and assessment for learning.

    All test are stored in test history for future reference and each user has separate test history.

  • All Topics/Subtopics are displayed in a 'Tree Structure' in a hierarchical mode.

    Select Topic/subtopic or keyword you propose to create test on by clicking the topic/subtopic or doing a direct search for the keyword using the search box. Both the options cannot be used simultaneously.

    The selected topic will be displayed at the top of 'Build your Self Assessment' box. The questions relevant to selected topic will be randomly selected based on your criteria to create a test for you.

    As questions are arranged in hierarchical manner, the number of questions associated with top of hierarchy will always be more than 'branches'. For example 'Biology' will have more questions associated with it than 'Cell Biology' (which is subtopic to 'Biology') and 'Cell Biology' will have more questions than 'Biomolecules' (which is a subtopic to 'Cell Biology') and associated keyword 'Lipids' will have lesser questions than 'Biomolecules'.

  • Study and concentrate on a subject or topic in the class/tutorial or in Smart Learning, jot down important points in notes.

    For example, you are a student of 11th class and have studied Laws of motion in Physics today. To check yourself on this subtopic go to Self Assessor and select 'Laws of Motion'.
    1. Select a reasonable number of questions say 20 your require to be tested on (if you will select unreasonable number say 1000, the system will take unduly long. Keeping this in view the maximum number of questions allowed to be selected are restricted to 100 at one instance.)
    2. Allocate time in which you wish to complete the test.
    3. Allocate number of marks you wish for correctly answered, incorrectly answered or questions not attempted.
    4. Start Test.
    5. Based on your selection criteria you will have a test ready to be taken by you. You can toggle between questions.
    6. On completion of test, submit the same and results will be displayed online.
    7. The results will also be stored in test history for analysis in future and initiating steps to improve further with help of teachers/mentors. In test history we also propose to provide solutions in future to some difficult questions for your perusal.

    You can even select a keyword say 'Acceleration' you have studied in 'Laws of Motion' and can create a test to check your knowledge on acceleration.

    Alternatively you can select topic 'Mechanics' to which subtopic 'Laws of Motion' belongs and you can create test on all subtopics of mechanics which you may have studied in a month. Similarly you can test yourself on subject the subject 'Pysics' or on 'Science' to which subject Physics, Chemistry, Biology etc belong and so on.

    Every time your create a test, the chances are that you will get different set of questions on same topic based on random selection. There will more questions on Physics, lesser in a topic in physics, further lesser in a subtopic and fewer questions on keyword selection. Keyword selection can also select questions from different topics or subjects based on commonality of keywords in such topics or subjects.

    We shall be updating/adding questions regularly. We have a process of online contribution from different contributors to enrich our database. The questions are edited at our end before making them available for your use.

    Although we have taken care to as accurate as possible but feedback (link available on homepage) from you would be of great help. You can give us a general feedback or can advise us to correct a question/answer in which there may have been inadvertent mistake.


We'd love to answer your queries and receive valuable feedback from you in order to improve ourselves. Please feel free to contact us using information below.